Cremation and Combustion Solutions

Your M-pyre® support team is never more than a click or a phone call away, from anywhere in the world.  When you need help with an M-pyre equipped cremator, just click the Instant Support button on your control screen and help is on the way.  Our technicians can diagnose problems, and then actually fix them because M-pyre's advanced electronic controls can make adjustements that used to require an expensive service call from a busy technician.  Have a difficult or oversize case to handle?  With M-pyre you can get help from technicians who've handled the same challenge dozens of even hundreds of times.  M-pyre® shortens training time and increases productivity for any operator in any crematory.

There are 4 major components to every M-pyre® cremation system.  All four have to work together to deliver the results cremation professionals demand in today's environment.

  • State-of-the-Art electronic fuel, air and burner controls - These let your M-pyre® computer system have complete control over the entire cremation process. They monitor conditions and accept commands from your M-pyre system.
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) - An industrial computer system that monitors conditions during the cremation and translates your simple instructions into a host of detailed machine commands.
  • The Web Server - this system lets you (and our technicians) view activity in your cremator from anywhere in the world. 
  • Instant Support Notification System - This system notifies you and your Matthews representative whenever something needs attention, whether it's your operator clicking the "Instant Support" button for a difficult case, or an automatic allert from your cremator's on-board monitoring system.