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Solara Crematory

Solara Crematory EarthSmart Cremation Services™

Solara Crematory EarthSmart Cremation Services™(SCESCS) is more than a concept; it is a philosophy that innovative people can inspire extraordinary results.


Apart from environmental controversy we believe there is real benefit to reducing emissions of all types, lowering energy consumption, and recycling energy and resources whenever and wherever reasonably possible. This philosophy has been put into action resulting in the most environmentally advanced cremation services available anywhere, providing families dignified final disposition choices through both “flame based” and “water based” cremation.


Flame-based cremation emissions are significantly lower than environmental protection requirements established by the individual Countries, States and Provinces. This is accomplished by several engineering applications working together. First, the high temperature gases from the cremation process are recycled within the secondary cremation chamber, reducing energy consumption and Carbon Dioxide-CO2 emissions. Next, the exhaust gases are cleansed in the secondary chamber for a longer period of time to increase the emissions reduction efficiency of Dust Particles-PM and Carbon Monoxide-CO .Then, energy from the exhaust is recovered using an energy recovery water generator which captures energy and reduces exhaust temperature for more efficient filtering. Finally, the exhaust is filtered after it leaves the cremation equipment to reduce dust, acid gases and metals such as mercury. Filtration and abatement systems consist of a high temperature micro filter system which exhaust gases are directed into. Inside the system are high temperature filter bags. The exhaust is further cleansed using additives to reduce Hydrogen Chlorides and Metals such as mercury from dental amalgams.


Water-based cremation is processed using “Bio Cremation ™” an advanced technology that uses 95% water and 5% catalyst combined with pressure and heat to complete the cremation with significantly lower emissions and energy requirements providing a water byproduct that is recycled into the natural ecosystem. The “Bio Cremation ™” technology (also known as Alkali Hydrolysis), is an environmentally focused alternative that replaces the use of flame with the utilization of water, blended with an alkali solution of Potassium Hydroxide (KOH). The Human body is placed into a specially designed cremation chamber where water and alkali are added, heated and gently circulated with the body, initiating the cremation process. What makes this process so environmentally friendly and even greener than flame based cremation is that there are almost zero air emissions (particulates, greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide, mercury, etc.) admitted into the atmosphere. The by-product (effluent) from Bio Cremation™ is sent to water recycling where it is filtered, purified and recycled back to the earth through the aquifers, lakes, streams and non-potable water use. In essence, our body is “recycled” without harm to the environment.

Both processes provide the families with the white “bone ash” that is typical for cremation.

In addition to the environmental stewardship, we believe in maintaining the dignity and security of human and cremated remains through careful attention to professional operations and security. SCESCS facilities are operated using a “best of industry” Standard Operating Procedures developed by industry veterans and professionals following proven operating practices and procedures. SCESCS operators are thoroughly trained and tested to insure knowledge and application of operating principles.

Security is maintained for both the facility and the human and cremated remains throughout the process using the SecurIDY™ system which documents all personnel and their activities as well as monitoring the remains throughout the process and through to the return of the urn.

SCESCS is clearly the next generation of advanced cremation services for the environmentally conscious consumer.