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Cremation Green Technology


Matthews is a champion of “Cremation Green”, aimed at environmentally-driven technology that lowers the carbon footprint, minimizes greenhouse gases and climate change impact. Being green is a way of life that not only reflects in your products but also the manner in which you operate your business.   Our Mpyre™2.0 control systems, BioCremation™ technology, Waste to Energy (W2E) solutions are just a few examples of how we focus on the environment.  



“Green” in Equipment:
  • Temperature Control
  • Opacity Monitor
  • Retention Time
  • M-Pyre™ Control System
    • Reduces Fuel Consumption
    • Reduces Greenhouse Gases (Combustion Emissions)
    • Reduces Opportunity for Human Error.
    • Lowers Electrical Consumption
  • VPS Accessory
“Green” in Manufacturing:
  • Single Manufacturing Plant
  • Utilize Water Base Paint
  • Extensive Recycling Program – Steel / Solvents / Waste Water Effluent
  • High Efficient Welding that Lowers Waste Material.
  • Utilize low mercury fluorescent lights throughout the plant.
“Green” as a Company:
  • Nationally Recognized - Operator Certification Program
  • Partner with EPA on Extensive Environmental Testing
  • Utilize “Green Conscious” Suppliers
  • 25% Reduction in shipping documents by utilizing paper saving stickers.
  • Scan paper invoices versus copying.
  • Recycle junk bin for junk mail and other discarded paper related products.
  • Member of environmental organizations.
  • Use 50% Electronic PDF’s Marketing Literature to correspond with clients.