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Environmentally Friendly Cremation

Cremation Green

Matthews Cremation, the leader in environmental standards for cremation equipment, is pleased to unveil the industry's first "Cremation Green" campaign for crematory equipment and caskets. To be Cremation Green, it's more than just building environmentally-friendly products. We incorporate this philosophy into manufacturer and operational practices as well. Taking our leadership role regarding the environment seriously, we are committed to Preserve & Protect the environment as well as Educate the cremation industry about the best ways to remain environmentally sensitive.

We are the champion of "Cremation Green," aimed at environmentally-driven technology that lowers the carbon footprint, minimizes greenhouse gases and climate change impact.

  • BIO Cremation™ through Resomation®: A Water and Alkali Hydrolysis cremation system
  • M-pyre™ System: Touch Screen control panel with Intuitive Logic Controls
  • SecurIDy: Crematory bar code system to track cases from start to finish.