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Waste Incineration

Welcome to Matthews Todaysure™ brand waste incinerators, the global leader in the design and manufacture of specialty incineration systems. Our product portfolio includes emission filtration, mobile waste systems, handling devices and service & maintenance repair. Our leadership extends to "Incinerator Green" technology aimed at environmentally focused services for our valued clients.

Matthews Todaysure brand incinerator systems, manufactured to CE and UL certification standards, meet and exceed these global environmental requirements:

  • US EPA Regulations
  • EU Waste Incineration Directive EC 76/2000
  • EU Animal By-products Regulation 1774/2002
  • World Bank Emission Standards
  • NEMA Act (EMCA)
  • World Health Organization Emission Standards
  • British Standards BS3316

Our incinerator models are designed to handle the disposal of bulk and batch load of medical, general and animal remains as profiled below:

Waste Classification Chart
Todaysure incinerators are engineered to provide a safe, environmentally clean solution for the disposal of a wide range of wastes. The scope of our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

Rotary combustion chambers Starved air gasification units
Fixed hearth units Thermal oxidizers
Stepped hearth combustion chambers Sludge/liquid waste incinerators
Containerized incinerators Waste oil combustion plant
Mobile incinerators Waste to Entergy systems

Incinerator Models:



Basic Features are the following:

  • Heavy steel shell
  • Cylinder chambers for strength
  • 1600°C (2912°F) grade Super duty refractory lining
  • High efficiency calcium silicate insulation
  • Automatic Temperature controlled burners
  • Forced combustion air
  • Observation port with protective glass
  • Full sized load/ash removal interlocked door
  • Refractory lined stack for longevity
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Sterile ash residue less than 5% w/w
  • Pre-wired, pre-piped, pre-tested before shipment
  • User-friendly automatic control panel
  • Two hinged load doors – 1 for bulk and the other for small batch, continuous charge.

Incinerator models for specific applications:

Static DesignStatic design – These daily waste incinerators represent a simple yet cost effective solution for the disposal of bulk and or batch loads of medical, general and pathological waste. To insure the unit's effective destruction of the combustion products, we incorporate a high capacity thermal oxidizing secondary chamber, designed to operate with a minimum gas residence period of 2 seconds at a minimum of 850°C (1562°F).

Static DesignStepped hearth design - These specially designed waste incinerators are efficient, continuous 24-hour operation for the destruction of waste with mid to high calorific value.

Static DesignRotary design – These specially designed incinerators are for continuous, 24-hour operation for the disposal of waste. They are particularly suitable for high moisture content such as sludge, pastes and sewage.


Operating Control System – Our simple, color-coded, push button control panel simplifies and completely automates the operation of the incinerator. We monitor and report all the parameters for the waste incinerator. Our system incorporates a visual display of both primary and secondary temperatures, status lamps & alarms.

Optional: The unit can be equipped with a chart recorder that continuously captures the secondary chamber temperature during operations.