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Containerized & Mobile Systems

Matthews offers a versatile range of containerized and mobile incinerators allowing for both remote sites and temporary work camps. Our systems operate wherever it best fits into your business environment. Our capabilites include:



This option incorporates the incineration facility permanently mounted within a standard modified ISO 20’ or 40’ container, enabling the incinerator to be delivered fully assembled for immediate use. The container incorporates one (1) fused electrical distribution board (with circuit breakers), lighting, ventilation fan, power socket, fire extinguisher and paint.   This negating the need for a specific building or weather protection. The fuel oil pipe work will be terminated in a isolation valve, making it a trouble free fitting to the external fuel source. This arrangement has been supplied to work camps, military bases, remote airports, polar bases and isolated islands.

Skid Mount

This enable the incinerator to be uplifted and transported with its ancillary equipment such as chimney, fuel and electric generator mounted on to a heavy platform with lifting points. These units are utilized on oil exploration pipelines and work camps. The skid enables the unit to relocate with the labor force.

Trailer Mount

Our trailer mounted option grants immediate access to remote locations such as farms or disaster sites. The incinerator is constructed with a generator and fuel tank on a flat-bed trailer. The incinerator also incorporates a hinged chimney to enable it to lie horizontal during transportation.