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Equipment Service & Repair


For over 50 years, our dedicated team of certified technicians have performed thousands of Preventive Maintenance Inspections (PMI) and major and minor repairs for all makes and models of cremation equipment. Our company carries a $1,000,000 disability and $2,000,000 liability insurance coverage associated with our employees and workmanship. From gas and air calibrations, rebuilding refractory, replacing exhaust stack, repairing and upgrading operating control panels or installing new safety features, we take great pride in being your single source provider for crematory service and repair. With nine satellite service centers throughout North America & Canada, we invite you to experience our Standard of Excellence with one of our convenient locations to assist you with all your crematory service & repair needs.

Floor Replacement

Floor Replacement


Roof Replacement


Complete Rebuild


Equipment Upgrade

Types of Services:
Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI)
Scope of Work

  • Refractory – Inspect all refractory areas including stack.
  • Mechanical – Inspect, lubricate and adjust the air blower, burners, hydraulic & draft system.
  • Electrical – Inspect electrical system including limit switches, timers and controllers.
  • Calibrations – Adjustments of burner firing rate, air & fuel settings to factory specifications.
  • Safety Evaluation – Inspect all clearances for equipment & stack. Evaluate safety devices including door chains.
  • Documentation – Provide in-depth analysis of equipment conditions with written service report.

Note: Required parts for service/repair are sold separately. Service/repair work identified during visit will be quoted and sold separately.
Service visit is a minimum of 3 hours.

** Cremation Chamber Floor Replacement
Scope of Work

  • Remove the original floor / replace with high temperature castable refractory.
  • Replace the secondary chamber divider wall and baffle (if applicable)
  • Review curing instructions once work is completed.
    Service visit is a minimum 1 day.

** Roof Replacement
Scope of Work

  • Remove the top end assembly (gas/air pipe, valves, etc...) and expose the roof refractory.
  • Remove the primary chamber roof and replace with high temperature castable material.
  • Replace top roof insulation.
  • Review curing instructions once work is completed.
    Service visit is a minimum of 3 days.

**Complete Rebuild
Scope of Work

  • Completely remove & replace the interior refractory of the cremator. Includes:
  • Remove & replace the primary chamber roof.
  • Remove & replace the primary chamber floor.
  • Remove & replace the primary & secondary perimeter refractory walls, including throat area.
  • Remove & replace the charge door refractory.
  • Remove & replace the lintels, divider wall & baffle (if applicable)
    Service visit is a minimum of 5 days.

** Price includes Labor, Material, Rental of Equipment, Travel, Lodging, Meals. Customer is responsible for receiving materials, off-loading and placing in secure, dry area. Material is shipped palletized. To off-load will require a lift gate and pallet jack. Customer is also responsible for dumpster to haul away the old refractory material.

Equipment upgrade services:

Matthews offers performance enhancement services to help maximize the efficiency and safety of your cremator. A sample of those services is the following:

  • Air Controls
  • Combustion Controls
  • Temperature Control Systems
  • Preheat Burner
  • Operator Training
  • Top Fire Conversions
  • Draft System
  • Stack Replacement
  • Door Safety Locks
  • Manual to Hydraulic Door Conversion
  • Mpyre2.0 retrofit