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Bio Cremation Equipment

Alkali Hydrolysis Systems

Now Cremation Can Be A Truly Natural Choice.

Welcome to an environmentally focused "end of life" cremation choice for families titled Bio Cremation™. Today, we live in a world that encourages us to protect and preserve our natural resources. We are developing lifestyle trends that encourage behavior to lower the individual's carbon footprint while at the same time reducing greenhouse gases and stabilizing climate change.

Bio Cremation™ replaces the use of flame with the utilization of water, blended with an alkali solution of potassium hydroxide (KOH). The combination of water, alkali, heat and pressure, working in harmony, are gently circulated over the body; reducing the body to its basic element of bone fragments which are then processed and placed within a container chosen by the family.

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Consider The Environment First!

This more eco-friendly process offers distinct environmental advantages even beyond traditional flame cremation. Through the Bio Cremation process, we create the following highlights...

  • No vaporized mercury emissions and no filtration or abatement systems required.
    Note: Mercury from dental amalgam is contained and recycled not vaporized
  • Caskets are not burned; protects our natural resources and produces less CO2.
  • Low carbon footprint; 4x less carbon impact versus traditional flame cremation.
    Note: Reduces the use of fossil fuels and minimizes greenhouse gases/climate change
  • Energy efficient – 1/8 the energy usage versus traditional flame cremation.
  • By-product (effluent) is safe with no harmful chemical or microbial contamination.
  • Preserves 20+% more bone fragments than traditional flame cremation.
  • Embalming fluid is neutralized and cytotoxic drugs are destroyed in the process.
  • Pacemakers do not need to be surgically removed prior to the process.
  • Medical implants are unaffected

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q. What is BIO Cremation™?

A. BIO Cremation™ is an environmentally focused cremation alternative that is both dignified and effective. The process uses 95% water and 5% alkali instead of direct flame and fossil fuels to cremate human remains.

Q. How does the process work?

A. The body is placed in a stainless steel cremation chamber where water (95%), an alkali additive (5%), heat and pressure are added. BIO Cremation uses this combination of water, alkali, heat and pressure to perform the cremation, gently reducing the body to bone fragments and a sterile solution that is recycled to the earth.

Q. How long does the BIO Cremation process take?

A. The average adult body (depending on size) takes approximately 3-4 hrs. to complete.

Q. Can we have a traditional funeral with the body present prior to the Bio Cremation process?

A. Yes. BIO Cremation fully supports the service choices of the family including viewing and visitation.

Q. How large of a body can the BIO Cremator accommodate?

A. 1st Generation System (size chamber) can accommodate a body weighing up to 350 lbs.

Q. What is left following the Bio Cremation process, do I receive any "ashes" back?

A. Upon completion of the cremation cycle, bones are dried and processed to a powdery substance which is then placed in a container (urn) and given back to family.

Q. Should I choose BIO Cremation over traditional cremation or burial?

A. BIO Cremation is an environmentally focused option for the family to consider. It uses less energy and releases less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Q. What is the chemical used in the Bio Cremation process and is it hazardous?

A. The chemical used in this technology is potassium hydroxide (KOH) which is an alkali, inorganic compound that is used in numerous health and beauty cosmetics, soft soaps and cleaning supplies you would commonly find at home.