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08/19/2013 - Funeral Insider: Now Might be the Time to Serve Pet Parents
Reproduced with Permission of American Funeral Director Magazine

3/2011 - The Birth of BIO Cremation / The Director
by Steve Schaal

10/13/2010 - Paul Rahill of Matthews Cremation Answers Questions Regarding Alkaline Hydrolysis
Interview by Ron Has

9/2010 - Cover Story / American Funeral Director
Alkaline Hydrolysis: The Next Big Thing?

4/22/2010 - United Kingdom Projects
Lee Hough describes the installation at a historic late Victorian building

4/19/2010 - Cremation System Testing
Factory, Safety, Field, Environmental... Does your equipment pass the test?

3/20/2009 - Magnets, Pacemakers and Defibrillators
Do magnets affect pacemakers and implantable defibrillators?

2/1/2009 - Instead of purchasing a franchise, purchase the equipment
Here is a unique scenario: instead of purchasing a franchise, you purchase the equipment you need to start your business.

2/1/2009 - The Buzz on Global Warming
Protect, Preserve and Educate are important components as we view the environment.

10/9/2008 - CANA - Recycling Prosthetic Implants
CANA's position on recycling prosthetic implants.

7/16/2008 - Recycling Prosthetics Generates Environmental Ease
Recycling has clearly become an accepted and embraced practice in most North American communities.

5/19/2008 - Pet Loss: Mentally Positioned to Succeed - Part I
If you've never owned a pet, the thought of a business strategy for Pet Loss Services is rather challenging to embrace.

5/19/2008 - Pet Loss: The Industry is Going to the Dogs
The death of a pet often leaves issues - and grief - unresolved.

5/19/2008 - Catholic Cremation: A New Tradition in the Making
So what exactly is a "tradition" anyway.

5/19/2008 - Mercury Update
Crematories represent 0% of the total inventory for national mercury emissions rates according to US EPA and their Best Point Estimates.

5/19/2008 - Pet Loss: Mentally Positioned to Succeed - Part II
There are numerous creative strategies to consider when developing your own pet loss program.

5/19/2008 - Pet Loss: Pet Memorial Care - The Business Landscape
The business opportunity with Pet Loss Services.

5/19/2008 - The Environmental Journey
A Journey of Ten Years.

1/21/2008 - Gone in 72 Hours - Tackling Direct Cremation
Successful ways for your business to address Direct Cremation

10/17/2007 - "Greening" of Cremation in North America
Global warming has quickly become a household phrase...

8/9/2007 - Quick Fixes You Can do to Change the Environment
Greening the environment can't happen overnight.