Cremation and Combustion Solutions

bio2Bio Cremation™ is an advanced cremation technology that uses 95% water and 5% catalyst combined with pressure and heat to complete the cremation.  It's based on a chemical process called "Alkaline Hydrolysis" that has significantly lower emissions and energy requirements The Human body is placed into a specially designed cremation system where water and alkali are added, heated and gently circulated with the body, initiating the cremation process. What makes this process so environmentally friendly and even greener than flame based cremation is that there are almost zero air emissions (particulates, greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide, mercury, etc.) released into the atmosphere. The remaining liquid from Bio Cremation™ is sent to water recycling where it is filtered, purified and recycled back to the earth through the aquifers, lakes, streams and non-potable water use. In essence, our body is “recycled” without harm to the environment.

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