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Crematory Seminars, Training & Workshops

As the global leader in cremation products and services, Matthews Cremation provides seminars, training, workshops and other innovative thought leadership initiatives for the death care industry. Using our experienced professionals we deliver industry information and education in strategies, product development, "green" technologies, processes and more.

Matthews University

Matthews recognizes the importance of educating industry members, government agencies and the general public. Please feel free to browse through the articles listed below or follow our blog:

Ask the Cremation Doctor

These resources are provided to further the education and training of those interested in learning more about cremation.

Cremation Information & White Papers


CANA - Recycling Prosthetic Implants
CANA - Perspective on Particulate Emissions and Mercury
Mercury Rising?
Mercury & Cremation - Issue Revisited
Formaldehyde in the Cremation Process
Emissions From Cremation Equipment
Environmental Issues


Pouches & Pacemakers
Guidelines for Caskets & Containers
Cremation Work Area
Cremation of Caskets and Containers
Glass, Glasses (Eyewear)
Cremation Rollers and Identification Discs
Safe Cremation of Large Human Remains
Body Sizes & Plastics


Operator Personal Protective Equipment
Crematory Occupational Exposure and Control
Radiation in the Crematory
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
Dust in the Crematory
Personal Protective Equipment in the Crematory


Crematory Exhaust Stacks
Ceramic Fiber Use in Cremation Equipment
Noise in the Crematory
Refractory Linings and Cremation Equipment
How Hot is Your Hearth?
Cremator Fluid Problems & Hot Hearths


Cremation Chamber Door Safety & Maintenance
Cremation Equipment Maintenance
Suggested Maintenance Checklist


Cremation Terms & Slang (1)
Cremation Terms & Slang (2)
History of Cremation

Consumer Cremation Research

Arranging a Cremation
Gatherings & Services
Cremation Merchandising
Final Dispositions

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