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As the global leader in cremation products and services, we provide continuing education classes, seminars, certification training and specialty conferences for the death care industry. All of our classes are thought-provoking, purposely designed to challenge the audience to step outside their comfort zone to discover exciting new practical ways to transform their services to meet the needs of today’s cremation consumer. For more information or to host an education class in your area, please contact Yajaira Rosado at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Operator Certification Courses: 1 Day Each

   Associates Operator Certification   
With more government agencies requiring operator training, our educational program will heighten the knowledge and awareness of the cremator operator. Our certification training is open to all attendees wishing to expand their knowledge of the industry and the operation of their equipment.

   Advanced Operator Certification   
This educational course will provide attendees with the information and knowledge to improve operating efficiencies, minimize pollution and nuisance problems, and promote better awareness of potential hazards in the crematorium as well as liability issues to help protect crematory personnel and business assets alike.

Continuing Education Classes: 1-2 Hours Each
Can be presented at any state or local meeting.

   Crematory Investment 101   
This workshop outlines the steps to evaluate an investment in cremation equipment. We’ll explore the foundation for establishing a successful crematory operation, the myths associated with ownership, the environment, the power of “chain of custody” and the many ways to allow equipment ownership a powerful differentiator for funeral professionals in today’s market.

   Mastering Cremation Merchandising & Marketing   
Building a successful cremation strategy requires thoughtful positioning of products and services that connect with Today’s consumer. Through the eyes of funeral families, let’s listen and learn through their personal evaluation of our industry and utilize this unfiltered feedback as an invitation to develop a stronger foundation for building more meaningful and profitable services.

   Pet Loss Memorial Services – Market Landscape and Business Integration    
This thought provoking discussion focuses on the business landscape of the animal care industry and the untapped opportunity of memorial care for pets. Witness through the consumer’s eyes, their view on the subject and discover numerous strategies to professionally integrate pet loss into your existing service model.

   Cremation Liability – How Vulnerable Are You?    
This session provides an in-depth analysis of the issues that can affect business liability when handling cremation services. This workshop is highly recommended for those who do/don’t own crematories (very important to both parties). Together we will study trends, identify the common red flags, watch a lighthearted “Not Ready for Primetime” video on operating pitfalls and lastly, discover a variety of “Best Practice” policies and procedures for addressing both Front & Back Door disciplines. Participant will receive a wealth of practical applications for protecting their business and the families that they serve.

   The Evolution of Green(er) Cremation – “Birth of Alkaline Hydrolysis”   
As cremation continues to expand at steady and predictable pace, its impact on the environment is being revisited worldwide. Cremation in North America has long been considered environmentally friendly but is there more we should consider in mandated regulations and voluntary actions? This presentation will study the evolution of environmental practices pertaining to cremation and offer ideas to improve emissions destruction, emissions capture and lastly, emissions prevention through an exciting new “flameless” process called Alkali Hydrolysis (aka Bio Cremation). Together, we’ll review the Bio Cremation cycle, its effect on the environment and how this has become commercially adopted within the death care industry. We’ll watch video taken during a recent Independent Consumer Research study on the subject and outline an exciting alternative for marketing enhanced “cremation green” services that resonate with today’s cremation consumer.

   Cremation equipment – Principles of Design  
This presentation will introduce the behind the scenes, design and manufacturing of cremation equipment. We’ll explore the evolution in technology, the influences in engineering and the variables we experience every day with managing cremation that impact our services. We’ll learn the basics of combustion, how cremation emissions are processed and the safeguards that are intentionally designed to eliminate smoke and odor.   Together we’ll enjoy an informative video that will tour a manufacturing plant and watch the creation of equipment from raw steel to finish product. This informative workshop will provide anyone operating equipment or thinking about the investment, a stronger appreciation for the theory and workmanship that go into delivering today’s most advance cremation systems.

   Evolution of Columbarium Memorialization   
It’s not just for churches and cemeteries anymore. Witness a growing trend in columbarium/niche installations that are stepping outside your traditional market channels.   Discover these affinity groups (IE. Universities, Mega Churches, Sport Complex, Country Clubs, etc…) who recognize their memorial significance to a growing consumer audience.   We’ll explore creative memorial designs, marketing strategies, etc…that focus on a “Celebratory” theme that help these important institutions connect to their members and capture additional important revenues.

   Cremation Memorialization – The Simplicities of 1-2-3   
This “education first” program is designed to help guide families through the process of arranging a meaningful cremation service. Together we’ll explore cremation disposition trends, flaws in product positioning and ultimately, lean how to better serve families and increase sales of memorial products by following the steps of Reflect, Gather and Memorialize.

Workshop Conferences:

   Pet Loss Business Development Conference   
Our presenting faculty will share their unique expertise through funeral, veterinary and crematory networks to focus on building meaningful memorial services that connect with today’s pet parent. The invitation to participate is open to anyone interested in learning more about this dynamic service opportunity. We invite you to call 1-800-327-2831 to discover how you can secure your seat(s) for one of the fastest growing service trends within North America.

   Transformation – Business Metamorphosis for Today’s Cremation Consumer    
Transformation is an educational forum, hosted at our headquarters in Apopka, Florida that focuses on the dynamics of cremation within the funeral industry and the successful positioning of meaningful services. With a unique blend of industry professionals, we’ll present a series of business development strategies that offer funeral professionals an opportunity to evolve their services within the community. These proven strategies are designed to enhance our professional significance, build new service opportunities and create additional revenues in today’s ever changing industry.





Associates Operator Certification
Orlando, FL

Associates Operator Certification
Orlando, FL

Advanced Operator Certification
Orlando, FL

Associates Operator Certification
Orlando, FL

Associates Operator Certification
Orlando, FL

Associates Operator Certification
Orlando, FL