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Matthews International Corporation

A Tradition of Quality Since 1850

Welcome to Matthews International Corporation, founded in 1850 and incorporated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A. in 1902, is a designer, manufacturer and marketer principally of memorialization products and brand solutions. Matthews is comprised of two business groups, Memorialization and Brand Solutions.

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Memorialization Group:

There are three segments of the Memorialization Group of Matthews International:

  • Cemetery Products
  • Funeral Home Products
  • Cremation

These segment's products include cast bronze and granite memorials and other memorialization products; caskets; cast and etched architectural products; cremation equipment and cremation-related products; and mausoleums.

Brand Solutions Group:

These are three segments of the Brand Solutions Group of Matthews International:

  • Graphics Imaging
  • Marking and Fulfillment Systems
  • Merchandising Solutions

These segment's products and services include brand management, printing plates and cylinders, pre-press services and imaging service for the primary packaging and corrugated industries; marking and coding equipment and consumables, industrial automation products and order fulfillment systems for identifying, tracking, picking and conveying consumer and industrial products; and merchandising display systems and marketing and design services.

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On October 31, 2012, the Company and its majority-owned subsidiaries had approximately 5,400 employees. The Company's principal executive offices are located at Two Northshore Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212, the telephone number is +01 412-442-8200 and the website is

In 2013, OneMatthews Vision & Values were unveiled. The Matthews vision is to Unify, Grow, and Innovate. We will be recognized as a global leader across the industries we serve by focusing on growth and innovation for our customers through a unified One Matthews culture.

Our business values are the following:

Values 1 - Demonstrate Integrity.

  • We are honest and trustworthy.
  • We keep our promises.
  • We live Matthews International's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics-and always do what's right.

Values 2 - Cultivate Employees

  • We promote everyone's performance and growth with the right environment, resources, and recognition.
  • We grow our team with people who will live the Matthews Spirit.
  • We grow the talent under our stewartship.

Value 3 – Be Our Best

  • We always deliver on our commitments and results.
  • We own our customer's problems, and we own the solutions.
  • We are disciplined to do everything right the first time.

Value 4 – Innovate

  • We listen to our customers and develop new products and services they need.
  • We find better ways every day.
  • We create unique solutions through our ingenuity and creativity.

Value 5 – Live The Matthews Spirit

  • We are passionate, entrepreneurial, collaborative, and creative.
  • We communicate and cooperate, involving partners to make decisions.
  • We are empowered-we act as owners of the business.