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Matthews Cremation


Super-Power-Pak-IIIWelcome to Matthews Cremation, a division of Matthews International Corporation (Nasdaq: MATW) which was founded in 1850 and incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1902. We are the premier manufacturer of (5) global brands of equipment: Industrial Equipment & Engineering (IEE), ALL Crematory (ALL), GEM Environmental Systems (GEM), Furnace Construction Company (FCC) and Todaysure Projects Limited (TPL).


Our Vision is to unify, grow, and innovate. We will be recognized as a global leader across the industries we serve by focusing on growth and innovation for our customers through a unified One Matthews culture.

Our Mission is "being focused on the success of our clients and environmental responsibility, as a total solutions provider of innovative products and services.

Our Values are to....

  • Demonstrate Integrity
  • Cultivate Employees
  • Be Our Best
  • Innovate
  • Live The Matthews Spirit

Cremation Division Locations Map

We have distinct, yet complementary, groups of products and services:

  • Cremation Systems
  • Waste Incineration Systems
  • Environmental & Energy Systems
  • Service, Parts & Supplies
  • Crematory Management/Operations
  • Cremation Columbarium and Niche
  • Cremation Urns and Memorialization Products

We meet world standards such as Underwriter Laboratory (UL), and European Conformity (CE). Our leadership extends to "Cremation Green" technology aimed at environmentally-driven solutions. Our primary market areas are North America and Europe, but also include Central and South America, the Caribbean, Australasia, South East Asia and the Middle East.

SvcSupp Territory Map

Cremation Equipment includes both Traditional flame-based and water based Biocremation™ systems for cremation of humans and pets, as well as equipment for processing the cremated remains and other related equipment (ventilated work stations, processors, hydraulic lift tables, coolers and high temperature vacuums). The principal markets for these products are funeral homes, cemeteries, municipalities, crematories, pet crematories, animal disposers and veterinarians.

Waste Incineration Systems encompass both batch load and continuous feed, static and rotary designs for incineration of all waste types, as well as equipment for in-loading waste, out-loading ash and energy recovery. The principal markets for these products are medical waste disposal, oil and gas "work camps" wastes, municipalities, industrial waste and bio mass generators.

Environmental and Energy Systems include emissions filtration units, waste heat recovery equipment, waste gas treatment products, as well as energy recovery and renewable power generation. The principle markets are municipalities or public/state agencies, the cremation industry and waste to energy and other industries which utilize incinerators for waste reduction and energy production.

Service, Parts and Supplies consist of operator training, preventative maintenance and "at need" service work performed on various makes and models of equipment. This work can be as simple as replacing defective bulbs or as complex as complete reconstruction and technology upgrades on site. Parts & Supplies are consumable items associated with normal operations.

Crematory Management/Operations represent the actual operation and management of client-owned crematories. Currently the segment provides these services primarily to municipalities in Europe but growing in popularity around the world.

Cremation Columbarium and Niche units are produced by our business segment for the placement/display of urns and other containers of cremated remains. The principal markets targeted include churches, universities, affinity groups and other emerging memorialization markets.

Cremation Urns and Memorialization Products include urns which support various forms of memorialization (burial, niche, scattering and home décor) for both Human and Pet markets. Merchandise includes any other family-related products such as cremation jewelry, mementos, remembrance products and other assorted at-need merchandise.

As the most comprehensive full-service provider around the world, we offer a wide array of technical & environmental solutions to meet all your business requirements.

Discover why Matthews is the most trusted name in combustion products & services.